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Friday, 31 March 2017

Stray Cat Strut

As the clock strikes midnight one of the investigators is awoken from deep sleep by the meowing of a huge, battle-scarred ginger tom cat outside the window. It is raining heavily and the bedraggled moggy stares pathetically through its one good eye, pawing at the window pane. He wants in.

On granting the tom admittance the investigator gains a companion, especially if he is fed well. In return for food he rids the house of vermin, often leaving its prey as ‘gifts’ on the doorstep.


1 The cat has a sixth sense for danger and the supernatural. He is also an excellent judge of character. If the investigator can learn to interpret the body language of the cat he has a potentially life-saving advantage.

2 A sorcerer has 'mind swapped' with the cat, mistakenly believing that the body of the cat allows it to travel between the waking world and the land of dreams. Unfortunately for him this ability transferred to his body with the cat - and before he could swap back the terrified cat had fled to the Dreamlands, taking his body with it. He wants the help of the investigators to help him regain his body. However before this can happen he must find a way to communicate with them. The tom will be behaving very strangely until the investigators figure out what is happening.

3 Among the mice and rats that it leaves on the doorstep is a creature from the Dreamlands: an infant Moon Beast. The enraged mother-beast tracks the unfortunate cat through the secret highways between the waking world and the Dreamlands and kills it, leaving the mutilated body on the investigator's doorstep. Soon there are other killings, and cat corpses begin to appear around the neighbourhood with alarming regularity. Then, humans begin disappearing in the night. The Moon Beasts have found a way into the waking world and having killed the hated cats are kidnapping humans for slavery...

© Garrie Hall

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