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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An Outbreak of Cancer

Doctor Jones will eventually require outside help, and will call upon the authorities or perhaps an old friend from medical school.


1 The cancers are punishments inflicted upon the population of Hodgeston and its surrounds by an ancient lloigor. The lloigor is trapped in the rocks, but has been woken by quarrying. It is slowly growing in power, tapping the life-force from those in and around Hodgeston. The cancers are a side effect of this life drain.

Eventually the lloigor will be strong enough to free itself from the rock, at which point it will disappear to wherever the lloigor go. By that point, however, there will be few left alive in Hodgeston.

2 A secret War Office munitions factory is pumping waste products into the sea at Tenby, just along the coast. The currents are bringing this waste around to where Hodgeston sends its half dozen fishing smacks. The cancers are a direct result of eating contaminated fish.

When the War Office learns of the  cancer’s potential link to its munitions factory, it sends soldiers to secure the town and suppress all further news. The poor people of Hodgeston are left in the hands of the War Office, which is more interested in weaponising the cancer than it is in treating the victims.

3 Several months ago there was a meteor shower above South Wales. One of the meteors did not completely burn up and landed in a small pool in the moors above Hodgeston. The meteor is highly radioactive and the pool drains into Hodgeston’s water supply, contaminating it.

© Steve Hatherley

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