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Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Ripper

The last person to see the notes was one of the students at the university. He can be contacted and may let investigators see his notes. Although the diary and "Jack’s" handwriting has been compared before, the student has studied them both and concludes that they may have been written with the same hand.


1 Dr Black was Jack the Ripper, and has been Re-animated. He has stolen his own notes and intends to continue his research. A week later the first of a series of ripper murders scorches headlines.

2 The notes are an elaborate fake. They were written by several medical doctors to shock one of their fellows. Several ‘in-jokes’ can be found amongst the document, if searched for properly.

3 Dr Black was not the Ripper, but was engaged in similar studies. Although not of the mythos, he had connections. The diaries point to where Dr Black purchased some of his bodies upon which he worked - and notes the poor, almost gnawed, condition of some of them.

© Steve Hatherley

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